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You've got questions, we've got answers.

Every Question Answered.

Well, almost every question; but we did our best to anticipate what you want to know.

What is the Wadex platform?

WADEX is an online application builder that requires little to no coding knowledge to easily build data-driven systems for your business.

No infrastructure is needed by your company and by simply signing up for an account you can be up and running in minutes.

How do I import my existing data?

Our onboarding team works with most existing databases including Microsoft Office, WordPress and MySQL.

We will work with you for a smooth transition from your old system to the new one.

What is the Wadex Marketplace and how does it work?

WADEX is not just about building applications, but having the ability to share and use others' creations.

The Marketplace is a store where paid and free applications can be added in just a few clicks.

What's even better, you can change and expand them to your business needs.

Why Wadex?

WADEX is an acronym for Web Application Development Experience. It's not about just building an application for your business, but being part of an ecosystem to help drive your business forward using the cloud.

Using cloud-based technology you can build from the ground up, get an application from our Marketplace and use it out of the box, or get an application as a template and change it to suit your needs.

WADEX is about leaving the tech to us allowing you to focus on your business.

How do I learn more about Wadex?

We have many resources ranging from what WADEX is to tutorials that can get you started.

  • Overview (Screenshots and Visuals)
  • Getting Started
  • Building a Simple Application
  • Developer Community
  • Contact Us