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About Us

Born from clients' needs and 20 years of experience.


WADEX, formerly WADE, started life in 1999 in the UK after the founder who at the time was running a company building Microsoft Access applications was asked to build the same applications only web enabled. This would allow their reps to be able to use centralized data from the road as well as from other branches around the UK.


At the time the choice of frameworks was not plenty, and it was not easy to build an application and all its data requirements for multiple applications in a cohesive and efficient manner.


WADE (Web Application Development Environment) was born. Bringing out of the box user management, data modelling and automatic generation of user interface, the time to market was substantially less than building from the ground up. One of the other advantages was the training was simplified due to the unified environment offered to the end users.


WADE was revolutionary at the time due to companies not taking on board the web as an interface for business use. Since then, WADE has hosted applications ranging from Entertainment to Insurance and the Financial Sectors.


Fast forward to 2020 and WADE is changing. Now owned by Compliant Global INC the new infrastructure brings end user a whole new concept to our end users. They may want to build multiple applications; link to data via WordPress from their own website or connect using a mobile application. Today’s world is about connection and interconnection and WADEX brings that to your fingertips.


WADEX scales…… If you are a small to medium business or enterprise level our system scan scale to handle large traffic, multi user and host in multiple countries for regulation purposes. Small, Medium, or Large businesses can all benefit from the NO-LO Code infrastructure WADEX offers.


The EX on the end stands for Experience. WADEX is now a development experience where users can build their applications to suit their own business and allow instant reach to their users. In addition to that they will be able to publish their applications in our ecosystem to allow other WADEX subscribers to download their application, giving the publisher credits.


Our Skills & Expertise

With a team that spans from remembering computing with cassette tapes right up to being born when social media started our knowledge leads from super experienced engineers to new generation visionaries that will map out our future.

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